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U.S. Navy Electrician / Union Electrician / College / Payle$$ Electric

Mission Statement:

Payless Electric Electrical Contractor,  offers many Special Services wiTh Competitive  Payle$$ Rates, You compare with otherServices  We are Professionals  with Top Perfect Quality application(2009 Code)  & Materials,
(There's no place Like Home),  Regardless of location, we are all on a strict Budget, Especially in these times, Our work harmonizes with the area's paradise ascetic heritage. WE have extensive experience
in all electrical phases and Applications Residential, Commercial Also Industrial Locally. It is Our Mission to be above Reproach and go beyond The norm, having unbeatable Payle$$ Quality Services,
Confirmed by our Customers!! We are completely committed to doingit your
way and making your projects a positive experience and agreeable to the pocket book.

We stay the Course and finish with Excellence

Owner's Portfolio :

I am 3Rd Generation Central Coast , All my Life,  I worked and played in Ventura and  Santa Barbara Counties ,Since 1960. I have seen the growth  and small changes in the citys , I grew up a Normal california  Boy ,fishing ,swimming off  Harbor and deep sea & racing Dirt bikes and goat roping , & Tri tip barbq  monster

Reaching another Level of consciousness's only Achevied in a  California -- -lol-kidding--

I , Started my Electrical career In the U.S. Navy Uss Recovry ARS#43 ,and then on to  Electrical brotherhood  of Electrical workers,Local 952 Ventura -Union-then PVT Contr. & Payle$$ Electric 

Served my apprenticeship in Navy and in the Union--

 --In 1977-1980, I went in to the Navy went through boot camp and reported to the  fleet."USS Recovery #43  home ported Norfolk Amphib base (little creek) in Virginia, I  eventually became ---EM3 --an Petty Officer 3rd class ,Electrician mate in the U.S. Navy, I learned about logics , Motor ,Generator A,C and D.C ,Then received 4.0 Evauls (E-5 recommendations)and Damage Control Training Petty Officetr leadership training,  Got my Schools --Electrician "A" School, along with Basic Electricity and Electronics Training, passing with a 94.6, 4th out of my class, (Great lakes, Illinois, Naval Base) I was offered Electrician Nuclear School  for submarine duty ,but a it was required to extend my enlistment, I really wanted to come back to  Santa Barbara, so, I declined, completed my tour -w/ Honorable Discharge.

1980 - Courses at SBCC Electrical pumps and motors , political science, got involved with I.B.E.W. Ventura Union & Santa Barbara  --private contractors

WORKing Payle$$ Electric - 06/2009 We just completed a remodel at Santa Barbara Raquet Ball & polo Club Carpenteria  property Value (high -end) 2.5 million for 1 bed room condo's -also recently Completed A remodel at Anderson's split Pea soup ( Bulleton) Restored Homes from Painted cave fires projects

(Santa Barbara) ,construction on the Chevron Gas plant (Gaviota) ,upgrade Proctor and Gamble Plant(Oxnard), and building New Store of the Sears Building(ventura). I also work ALOT, here locally in Residential custom Large small homes, apartment, in Santa Barbara County,  along with High-end Estates in Monticeto(ANDY GRANTLEY'S -RON  YULES -Allen associates) and Hope Ranch (Kernel HOPE), and the Remodel of the Biltmore Motel and many Stores and businesses on State Street(old penny's remodel, 1129 restaurant San Ynez apt (UCSB), arroyo condo's, SB City parking lots, UCSB post -office ,Fransisco Torres  Buildings(Isla Vista) remodel, manys stores (State Street), Santa Barbara City College Retrofitting, Estates (monteceto),track housing.etc. etc.).

I have experience in energy management, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs and constructing for all small and major buildings.


---ON a personal Level,---I grew up in Church  & Y.M.C.A. and being involved and leadership , I picked up some extra -Classes / Teacher Training and revceived  an Double Masters Degrees from, Channel Islands College & semenary CIBCS (Oxnard -student & Facuilty), pre-requests completed at ,masters college (Santa Clarita),

Biola college( thousand Oaks CA )

and studied & Taught  in the area, in Theology and ministry Arts.

(Magna Cum Laude) 3.8 G.P.A.

30 years of Engineering Intuitive experience along with being

Established with Biblical Integrity.

I look forward giving grounded, practical, pristine, professional,  personal touch, along with cost effective with Definitive Service to meet  all your Electrical needs.